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Marine Science Maymester Study Abroad Course


May 18 – June 15, 2011
Location: Akumal, Mexico (May 18-June 5)
Upper Division Undergraduates – 3 credits
Register in Spring 2010 for MNS 352D and UGS 119 (Scientific Research and Inquiry). UGS 119 meets at The University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas the weekend of February 26th-27th, 2011. Field work includes a 19-day field trip to Akumal, Mexico (May 18-June 5). Approximate course fee: $2,000 plus airfare to Cozumel.
Maymester Abroad programs are four and a half week study abroad programs, taught by UT faculty members, that take place immediately following the spring semester at an international course location. The students are introduced to research methods in various scientific fields while gaining academic credit during thier time abroad.

Maymester courses are open to all students, and since they take place after the school year is over, they don't interfere with any other classes you might take.  

Akumal, Mexico 


Taught by Dr. Ken Dunton (UT Marine Science Institute) and Dr. Stein Fredriksen (Norway)

This course is entirely focused on the ecology of Caribbean coral reef and seagrass communities of the Yuctan Peninsula with special emphasis on the marine vegetation. Our research and learning goal is to understand the effect of anthropogenic inputs of inorganic-nitrogen on tropical seagrasses, algal turfs, and the overall coral reef/coastal ecosystem.

See pdfHERE for a detailed syllabus

Prerequisites: Upper division standing; Biology 311D; and one of the following courses: Biology 322, 324, 328, Marine Science 320, 352C; and three additional semester hours of coursework in biology.
Final class meeting by 15 June 2011.

Please visit the Study Abroad Office website for a detailed list of all the Maymesters offered by the University as well as additional deadline, scholarship and application information.

The application deadline for all Maymester programs is November 1.