NOTICE: UTMSI suffered damage in Hurricane Harvey. Our Port Aransas campus and the Bay Education Center in Rockport are currently closed. Thank you for your support and understanding. 

The Marine Science Education Center offers field trip opportunities that focus on diverse topics within marine science education. We provide outdoor and lab activities that focus on hands-on inquiry-based learning techniques, incorporating local ecosystems in order to foster an appreciation and respect for our local estuarine and marine habitats. We structure our programs to reflect grade-level appropriate content and learning strategies, and state standards. 

Visitors Center-School Group VisitingAll classes are designed to suit appropriate grade levels. Activities may vary depending on grade and total group size. We also offer a station-based field trip option, in which students rotate through alternate stations covering any activities above. This allows larger groups to have access to our programming, and keep multiple groups engaged in activities throughout the field trip.

See Information for Groups for information regarding field trip options.