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Public Lecture Series Goes Virtual and Expands

Public Lecture Series Goes Virtual and Expands

The 2021 UTMSI Public Lecture Series is virtual and combined with the new Texas Science Festival. Free and open to science enthusiasts everywhere, the Texas Science Festival (Feb 16 - March 26) is a celebration of discovery and learning. Registration for the February 4th seminar by Alicia Walker here. Register for all other marine science talks and MORE at the Texas Science Festival.

University of Texas Marine Science Institute Presenters

February 4 (7 pm) A look at Sea Turtle Stranding and Rehabilitation from 1982 - 2020 at the Amos Rehabilitation Keep
Alicia Walker, Program Coordinator, Amos Rehabilitation Keep    REGISTER

February 18 (7 pm) What Seagrass Monitoring In Texas Can Tell Us
Dr. Victoria Congdon, Recently graduated student     REGISTER

February 24 (7 pm) What Fishers in the Texas Gulf Can Learn from Science
Derek Bolser, Graduate Student     REGISTER

March 4 (7 pm) Coral Reef Fishes, Title TBD
Dr. Simon Brandl, Assistant Professor

March 18 (7 pm) Mercury Exposure From Subsistence Fishing
Dr. Kristin Nielsen, Assistant Professor

March 22 (12 pm) Diversity in a Changing Ocean
Dr. Brett Baker and Dr. Andrew Esbaugh, Assistant and Associate Professor     REGISTER

Contact Sara Pelleteri at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information, questions, and disability accommodations.

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