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The University of Texas
Marine Science Institute
750 Channel View Drive
Port Aransas, TX 78373
Phone: 361-749-6711

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Abecia, Miguel
Miguel Abecia
Grounds Maintenance Leader

Ables, Annette
Annette C Ables
Administrative Assistant

Ackerly, Kerri
Kerri L Ackerly
Postdoctoral Fellow

Alan Rodgers
Alan B Rodgers
HVAC Specialist

Aschmutat, Manfred
Manfred Aschmutat
Systems Administrator I

Baker, Brett
Brett J Baker
Assistant Professor

Barr, Veril D.
Veril Barr
Guard (Security)

Biggs, Christopher
Christopher Biggs
Graduate Research Assistant

Bryan A Black
Associate Professor

Black, Genoa
Bolser, Derek
Derek G Bolser
Graduate Research Assistant

Bonsell, Christina
Christina E Bonsell
Graduate Research Assistant, Volunteer

Edward J Buskey

Zooplankton Ecology, Estuarine Ecology
Coates, Allen
Allen R Coates Jr
Administrative Associate

Congdon, Victoria
Victoria M Congdon
Graduate Research Assistant

Connolly, Craig
Craig T Connolly
Graduate Research Assistant

Converse, Aubrey
Cosgrove, Sarah
Sarah Cosgrove
Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate IV

Crawford, Sam
Samuel W Crawford
Help Desk Specialist

Dawson, Cody
DeHart, Miyuki
Miyuki E Dehart
STEM Liaison Librarian for Marine Science

Dichiera, Angelina
Dickey, Bob
Robert W Dickey
Director, Professor

Dignum, Stanley
Stanley E Dignum
Boat Captain

Dombrowski, Nina
Dong, Jing
Jing Dong
Research Engineering/ Scientist Assistant

Douglas, Sarah
Sarah V Douglas
Graduate Research Assistant

Dunnin, Kelly
Kelly H Dunning
Coastal Training Program Coordinator

Kenneth H Dunton

Aquatic Plant Ecology, Coastal Ecosystem Processes
Durand, Sarah
Sarah Durand
Finance Manager

Egergon, Jack
Jack P Egerton
Research Fellow

Deana L Erdner
Associate Professor

Phytoplankton Molecular Ecology, Harmful Algal Blooms, Interactions Between Algae and Associated Bacteria
Erisman, Brad
Brad Erisman
Assistant Professor

Ernst, Frank
Frank A Ernst
Small Boat Captain

Andrew J Esbaugh
Assistant Professor

Fish Physiology
Evans, Kristin
Kristin Evans
Education Coordinator

Faulk, Cynthia
Cindy Faulk
Research Scientist Associate

Fuiman, Lee
Lee A Fuiman
Associate Director for Fisheries and Mariculture Laboratory, Professor

Behavior, sensory ecology, morphology, and physiology of fish larvae and marine mammals; Larval fish culture, broodstock management.
Fuiman, Linda
Linda T Fuiman
Program Coordinator

Gao, Yida
Yida Gao
Graduate Research Assistant

Gardner, Wayne
Wayne S Gardner
Professor Emeritus

Not accepting graduate students. Nutrient/Energy Transformations in Coastal Ecosystems
Garlough, Patricia
Patricia N Garlough
Research Engineer Science Assoc

Gonzales, Eva
Eva Gonzales
Building Attendant II

Gonzalez, Olivia
Olivia Gonzalez
Administrative Associate

Amber Hardison
Assistant Professor

Marine Biogeochemistry
Head, Shawn
Shawn M Head
Guard (Security)

Hedemann, Annette
Annette Hedemann
Departmental Buyer

Herrick, Heather
Heather A Herrick
Marine Science Coordinator

Hladyniuk, Ryan
Ryan Hladyniuk
Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate IV

Hogan, Timothy
Timothy F Hogan
Security Guard

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