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A Decade of Inspiration

A Decade of Inspiration

b2ap3_thumbnail_SATS_02.jpgThis June, Science and the Sea celebrates 10 years of print articles.The sea touches all of our lives in many ways - we relax by her shores, play on her surface, eat of her bounty and enjoy her beauty. She moderates our climate and fuels powerful storms, and she supports an amazingly rich and diverse ecosystem. Scientists have learned a great deal about the sea: how very diverse sea life is; how marine life survives and even thrives; what a critical role the sea plays in supporting mankind; and how man affects the vast oceans.

Ten years ago, Dr. Lee Fuiman of The University of Texas Marine Science Institute (UTMSI), had a big idea. He wanted to share this understanding of the sea and its myriad life forms with everyone, so they too, could fully appreciate this amazing resource. Science and the SeaTM first appeared as a monthly magazine article on June 1st ten years ago. The 120th article was published in the June issue of Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine, where its success began, and in other media outlets. The very first article, written by Fuiman, explained that there are more than 25,000 different kinds of fish in the world, and it certainly piqued the attention of avid anglers. The articles help impart new and current science to the fishing community, the front-liners who are really experiencing the wonders of the sea.

“We consider Science and the Sea a gem among the various contributions we publish regularly. Texas anglers who read our magazine have sent dozens of comments noting the highly informative content of Science and the Sea and how it has led them to seek explanations of the many mysteries of the Gulf of Mexico and other oceans,” said Everett Johnson, editor and publisher of the Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine. “Knowledge of the ecosystems we enjoy as recreational anglers not only makes us better anglers, it also makes us aware of our duty in stewardship to conserve and protect them.”

Over the past ten years, Science and the SeaTM has shared information about our oceans that has enchanted many readers. Even news editors that publish the articles and who are barraged by information, find themselves captivated by Science and the SeaTM. Mary Judson, Editor and Co-Publisher of the Port Aransas South Jetty newspaper, had this to say, “I LOVE Science and the Sea and look forward to it eagerly each month! Unfortunately, I did not have strong or exciting science teachers throughout my school years, so I did not pursue it in college. Had I been exposed to UTMSI and/or Science and the Sea, the outcome very well might have been different.”

Science and the SeaTM articles reach people who don’t live near a sea and who might not know much about marine science. Through these articles they realize that even if they’ve never seen an ocean, we are all very connected to the seas and what happens in and near them.

Pick up a magazine and join our avid fans or visit us at http://www.scienceandthesea.org/ for new and archived articles.

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