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Around campus with Jim Moreno

Around campus with Jim Moreno

We sat down with Jim Moreno for a chat about who he is and what it takes to keep our campus safe.

b2ap3_thumbnail_JimMoreno.jpgJim Moreno

Position: Guard Supervisor

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born in Taft, Texas. I was raised in Aransas Pass. After graduating Aransas Pass High school in 91’, I explored two wonderful cities in Texas the next 9 years, Galveston & Cleburne. After living in Galveston for nearly 5 year, I moved to Cleburne in 97’, I attended Hill Community College in Cleburne and earned my associate degree in 2000. I moved back home afterwards to help out parents with their medical conditions. I was reunited with my high school sweetheart 2003. We’re now married and have a beautiful daughter named Annalisa and two wonderful boys, Thaddaeus and Jonah.

What you do at UTMSI and how long you’ve worked here?
In 2001, I started as a full time night guard. I was a guard for 11 years. An opening was available for Guard supervisor, so I applied and was fortunate to be promoted the position. My job entails providing a safe and secure environment for our campus. Monitor and assist with the security and protection of the university buildings and property. I work with the administration staff on profiling information of all staff. I maintain daily security reports. I handle all key(s) inventory and personnel code access to areas of the buildings. We coordinate with the assistant director, Dr. Steve Lanoux, and report any failure in power or equipment building operation. Communicate with local authorities for assistance. In general, our security dept. has been evolving to ensure the safety of all staff and welcomed visitor here at UTMSI 24/7.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?
Watching and working with the little kids that come and go through the educational programs. I enjoy seeing how they get enthralled in learning.

What is the most interesting or surprising thing you’ve gotten to do at UTMSI?
I’m a social person and I love getting to know the faculty, students and staff. I enjoy watching them evolve and get their degree. It’s very satisfying seeing everything that they accomplish. When I see them down the road years from now I can say, “Hey! I was there at UTMSI while you earned degree. You’ve come so far.” So many wonderful people come and go from different area of the world and it’s nice to hear their pleasant stories.

What inspires you or makes you get up in the morning?
Thanking God for giving me another day with my kids and family.

If you were a marine organisms what would you be and why?
I would probably be a starfish because they cruise down the very bottom of the sea taking their time enjoying all that is above them.

Jim Moreno is the guard supervisor at The University of Texas Marine Science Institute. He’s been working at the University since 2000 and hails from Aransas Pass, Texas.

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