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Big 12 Isn’t Just About Sports

Big 12 Isn’t Just About Sports
b2ap3_thumbnail_Kuehl.jpgDr. Joe Kuehl, assistant professor at Baylor University.The University of Texas Marine Science Institute will host Big 12 Faculty Fellow Dr. Joe Kuehl this summer. Dr. Kuehl is an assistant professor at Baylor University in the School of Engineering and Computer. While in Port Aransas, he will work with the Mission-Aransas Reserve and Dr. Ed Buskey on circulation and modeling studies in the Mission-Aransas Estuary. Dr. Joe Kuehl will likely apply his unique expertise in hypersonic aerodynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, and nonlinear vibrations to find connections between the estuaries water molecules and the surfaces they connect with to create a new way of understanding water circulation.

The Big 12 Faculty Fellowship program was created to stimulate scholarly activities in the areas of teaching, research and service. Dr. Kuehl’s fellowship is part of a recent mentoring and networking component that was added to facilitate the establishment of contacts and networks for new faculty with outstanding individuals in their discipline at other Big 12 universities. The fellowship program offers the faculty the opportunity to travel to member institutions to participate in cross mentoring among universities, develop working relationships and exchange ideas with others.
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