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Ageless Learning by the Sea

Ageless Learning by the Sea

Quick, grandmother grab the end of the seine net. That phrase and many other unusual shouts were just a few that could be overheard during an Intergenerational Road Scholar Program hosted June 9-14th at The University of Texas Marine Science Institute. Twenty participants of grandkids and grandparents immersed themselves in a week-long vacation and learning experience about marine science. They hailed from states all over including Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin.

During their adventure, the group learned about local coastal marshes, fisheries research, conservation, and many more topics. “The activities were educational, fun and unique for both adults and children,” said one participant. “Our grandchild especially enjoyed the kayaking around the bird sanctuary, the nurdle hunt, exploring at the seashore with the ranger, the boat ride viewing dolphins, netting sea creatures and being able to handle the safe ones, and of course the surprise ‘pirate attack’.” This was one of many Road Scholar programs offered by the Marine Science Institute. Learn more about future programs at roadscholar.org


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