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It's Public Lecture Season!

It's Public Lecture Season!

Holt 02052015 1Join us for a series of FREE presentations about marine environments - led by the people who study them

Are you interested in science and want to learn more about seals, birds, fish, or the weather? If so, our free public lectures at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute’s facilities in Port Aransas and Rockport will satisfy your curiosity. The lectures are free and open to the public. Prepare to be utterly engaged and learn more about the local bay systems and those that are far away.

Public lectures are offered in Port Aransas at The University of Texas Marine Science Education Center, located at 855 E. Cotter Ave, on Thursday evenings, from January 19th through March 9th. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m.

If you're interested in our lectures in Rockport, held on Friday's at noon, click here.

This season’s Port Aransas seminar schedule is as follows:

January 19 - From Sunflowers to Spikes to Santa Claus: My peculiar sixty years' career in Science and Technology by Tony Amos, University of Texas Marine Science Institute

January 26 - What’s up with the Weather? Ask an Expert. (Interactive Presentations with a Special Panel of Weather Experts) by John Metz and Lara Keys, National Weather Service; Dr Feiqin Xie, TAMUCC; and Dale Nelson, KRIS TV

February 2 - Steroid Hormones in Human Diseases: What have we learned from fish? by Dr. Peter Thomas, The University of Texas Marine Science Institute

February 9 - How Do Antarctic Seals Find their Way? Research from the frozen south by Dr. Lee Fuiman, The University of Texas Marine Science Institute

February 23 - Defining the Quality of Cranes through Facts, Lore and Fanciful Tales by Dr. Liz Smith* and Betsy Didrickson, International Crane Foundation (* speaker)

March 2 - Conservation and Research of Sea Turtles Conducted by Padre Island National Seashore by Dr. Donna Shaver, Padre Island National Seashore

March 9 - Double Bill with Fish Like it Hot: What does climate have to do with fisheries? by Erin Reed, The University of Texas Marine Science Institute & Marine Debris Along the Texas Coast: Past, Current, and Future Trends by Katie Swanson, The University of Texas Marine Science Institute, Mission-Aransas Reserve

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