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Semester-by-the-Sea Students attend a National Field Course

Semester-by-the-Sea Students attend a National Field Course

Two undergraduate semester-by-the-sea students, Wayne Hall and Kelley Savage, were awarded travel funds to attend a national field course. Both students just returned from a week long course with the North American Dendroecology Fieldweek, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and involved approximately 50 participants. The field camp is an intensive week of learning about the science of dendroecology, in which annual rings (like tree rings) are used to measure how plants and animals respond to changes in climate and their surroundings. Wayne Hall participated in a team that reconstructed a 600-year history of river flow from the Shoshone River in northern Wyoming using tree-ring data. Kelley Savage participated in a team that developed a 60-year chronology for Pacific Ocean perch, a long-lived rockfish, in the Eastern Bering Sea.  Both Wayne and Kelly worked amidst graduate students, professors and professionals to complete original research projects that included final written and oral reports.  Results of this work are being compiled for peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals.  The students are mentored by UTMSI Assistant Professor Dr. Bryan Black. Congratulations Wayne and Kelley!


Photo left to right: Dr. Bryan Black, Wayne Hall and Kelley Savage

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