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Students get hands-on experience in Semester by the Sea

Students get hands-on experience in Semester by the Sea

2015SemesterByTheSea_web.jpgThe 2015 Semester by the Sea students and instructors. Back row: Dr. Bryan Black, Kevin Pan, Lauren Heymann, Robert Gonzales, Mark Lopez, and Dr. Chris Shank. Front row: Savannah Clapp, Kathryn Thompson, Stefanie Plunkett, and Ava Ibanez. Credit: The University of Texas Marine Science Institute.

Undergraduate students at The University of Texas have a unique opportunity through the Semester by the Sea program to blend classroom experience with real-world science to address the problems facing today’s oceans and coasts. Last week marked the culmination of the student’s Semester by the Sea experience and they went out with a bang. The students participated in the Undergraduate Research Symposium where they presented the findings of their semester long research to MSI faculty, students, and scientific staff.

The Semester by the Sea program employs experiential learning which allows them to participate in ‘real world’ science via coursework and independent research. Throughout the semester, students are placed in authentic situations where they are forced to put their classroom knowledge to the test. To learn more about experiential learning and the UTMSI’s Semester by the Sea check out this video by UT’s Center for Teaching and Learning featuring Dr. Chris Shank:



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