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The Gift of a Sonde

The Gift of a Sonde

The eye of Hurricane Harvey went directly over the Mission-Aransas Estuary and wiped out three of the Mission-Aransas Reserve’s monitoring platforms, along with the data sondes that collect water parameters such as temperature, salinity, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. Xylem Incorporated recently came to the rescue and donated an EXO sonde valued at over $10,000. This is a significant gift that not only helps us to rebuild our sampling program, but it is inspirational to our faculty, students and staff to know that the support of the scientific community is so strong. The Reserve staff is very appreciative and excited to deploy the sonde to begin gathering water quality data again.

2017 Xylem YSI sonde

Mission-Aransas Reserve Director, Jace Tunnell, receives a gift of a sonde from Curtis Butler, Applications Specialist at Xylem, Inc. at the National Estuarine Research Reserve System annual meeting held last week in Corpus Christi, Texas. Photo credit: Jace Tunnell.

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