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The University of Texas
Marine Science Institute
750 Channel View Drive
Port Aransas, TX 78373
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Min, Dong-Ha

Dong-Ha Min

Associate Professor of Instruction
Department of Marine Science

Large-scale ocean circulation and ventilation study; Tracers; Climate change

Phone: 512-232-4124

Office Location
BIO 114B

Postal Address
205 W 24TH ST
AUSTIN, TX 78712

PhD in Oceanography, University of California San Diego (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) - 1999

MS in Oceanography, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea - 1989

BS in Oceanography (mino in Chemistry), Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea - 1987

Research Interests

Main goals of my research are (i) to better understand physical and biogeochemical processes in the marine environments, and (ii) to better delineate the responses of the environment to climate forcing, in various temporal and spatial scales. To achieve these goals I utilize physical and chemical analysis methods, analyze large-scale ocean data, and develop conceptual models. I conduct my research with 3 different spatial scopes: (i) global- to basin-, (ii) regional-, and (iii) local-scales. I measure trace gases such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the ocean at ultra-trace level as decadal-scale transient tracers of ocean circulation and ventilation processes. This is to understand basin (i.e. Pacific Ocean) to regional (e.g. Gulf of Mexico) scale processes, and analyze basin-scale ocean data to detect decadal-scale ocean property changes in response to recent climate change.

Current Research

“US GO-SHIP 2021-2026 Repeat Hydrography, Carbon, and Tracer Measurements,” NSF, $896,568, (2021- 2026)

- will participate P2 cruise (2022)

“Global Ocean Repeat Hydrography, Carbon, and Tracer Measurements, 2015-2020,” NSF, $656,692, (2015- 2020)

- participated P6 (2017), I6 (2019), and P2 (2022) cruises

2020 UT Experiential Learning Initiative Faculty Ambassador (2020-2021)

2014 UT Services for Students with Disabilities Clock Award

2013 UT College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award


MNS 307: Introduction to Oceanography

MNS 308: Humans and a Changing Ocean

MNS 310: Fundamentals of Marine Science

MNS 320: Marine Ecology

MNS 367K: Human Exploration and Exploitation of Sea (new from 2022 Spring)


MNS 120L Lab Studies of Marine Ecology

MNS 152L: Concepts in Marine Conservation Biology Lab

MNS 152S: Undergraduate Seminar in Marine Science

MNS 152T: Coastal Environmental Science in Texas Bays

MNS 191: Seminar in Marine Science - Science Ethics (2006) / Student Research Presentation (2012) ***

MNS 354Q: Marine Environmental Science

MNS 370: Independent Research

MNS 383: Coastal Processes ***

MNS 398T: Supervised Teaching in Marine Science ***

*** graduate courses



Carol Gonzalez - Research Scientist Assistant



Justin Campbell - Research Scientist Assistant

Subbu Iyer - Research Scientist Assistant

Mark Lopez - Research Scientist Assistant

Patrick Mears - Research Scientist Assistant

Il-Nam Kim - PhD (2012)

Jianhong Xue - Postdoctoral researcher

Afonso Souza - Research Scientist Assistant

Lucia Upchurch - Research Scientist Assistant

Oceanographic data analysis work

* student position in the Min lab: December 2022 - May 2023


* Analysis of oceanographic data by using Matlab programs

* Generating various data outputs and graphics per PI's needs


Linux program management work

* student position in the Min lab: December 2022 - May 2023


* Maintaining the Linux computers in the lab

* Managing the linux-based instrument operation programs


Sea-going opportunity (closed)

We are looking for students and early career scientists to participate in each of two legs of a hydrographic cruise across the North Pacific along 30N on the R/V Revelle. The first leg (~7 weeks April-June 2022) sails from Guam to Honolulu. The second leg (~4.5 weeks June-July 2022) picks up in Honolulu and sails to San Diego. Please find more information about this opportunity here GO-SHIP_P02_2022_Student_Opportunity. Deadline for applications is November 30, 2021. [positions filled @ 12/15/21]