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Beyond the Books

Beyond the Books

Students and postdoctoral fellows prepare for professional success in a course designed and instructed by Marine Science Advisory Council Member, Mary Abell. The course is part of a professional development initiative created by Director Robert Dickey to prepare students and fellows for successful careers after they depart the Marine Science Institute. Whether in academia or business, the Institute and Ms. Abell feel that is important to be equipped with not only a fine scientific education, but real world skills that will lead to success in the workplace wherever it might be. Job opportunities in academia can be limited and many will seek employment in business, industry or fields completely outside of their expertise. In order for our students and fellows to be fully prepared we are offering them this additional education geared to increase their self-confidence and professional skills. Mary Abell led the first set of instructions early this December and touched on issues such as dressing for success and business etiquette. Additional lectures by Ms. Abell will follow this spring semester.

This is one of the professional development initiatives created for student development and is complimented by a Career Path Seminar Series.

20161202 BeyondTheBooks 1Marine Science Advisory Council Member, Mary Abell, leads the first of several lectures of “Beyond the Books” a professional development series for UTMSI students and postdoctoral fellows.

Mary Abell by Jim Lincoln photographyMary Abell is a 1965 graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in History/Biology. Mary joined the Marine Science Advisory Council in 1987 and served until she became the first Development Director of the Institute in 1997, a position she held for 10 years. Mary now continues to serve as an Advisory Council member. She has given the Mary Anderson Abell Library Endowment Fund and Mary, her husband Joe, before his death, and their family founded the Abell Family Fund for Graduate Student Support. Mary is the recipient of the Director’s Honor Society in recognition for her exceptional support of UTMSI.

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