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Coastal Bend Bays Foundation Recognizes Staff and Program

Coastal Bend Bays Foundation Recognizes Staff and Program

CBBF 2020 EvansThis year is the 18th year that the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation hosts its Annual Conservation & Environmental Stewardship Awards Banquet and UTMSI is honored to have two recipients of the awards: Kristin Evans, Education Coordinator for the Mission-Aransas Reserve, and the Texas Gulf Region Cooperative Weed Management Area of which Christina Marconi is the coordinator and also the Stewardship Assistant for the Mission-Aransas Reserve.

CBBF’s Awards Program recognizes and honors outstanding Coastal Bend citizens, educators, businesses, governing bodies and other entities. The winners were chosen based on their significant contributions in the areas of habitat conservation, enhancement, protection, restoration or preservation of the Coastal Bend’s precious natural resources, or in educating the region’s youth and adults about the importance and value of their natural surroundings. It is therefore fitting, that Kristin Evans was awarded the Higher Education Award. Kristin is among the most innovative educators in the Coastal Bend. She holds over 25 years of experience which include education, professional services, and hands on pedagogical expertise. The experience she gained and brought with her to UTMSI and the Mission-Aransas Reserve enabled she and her team to successfully educate during and post two unpredictable and challenging times. Kristin introduced and involved informal educators in a professional learning program that elevated our understanding of science learning and transformed our practices.

In addition, the Texas Gulf Region Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) will receive the Coastal Community Award. The CWMA initiative began in 2014 with UTMSI and the Mission-Aransas Reserve as founding members. The current coordinator of the organization is Christina Marconi, who is also the Stewardship Assistant for the Mission-Aransas Reserve. The Texas Gulf Region CWMA is a voluntary network of public and private stakeholders that are concerned with the management of Brazilian peppertree from Port O’Connor to Packery Channel on the Texas Gulf Coast. The CWMA seeks to prevent the spread and movement of the species by advocating for cooperative control amongst willing landowners and managers. The CWMA has completed 16 volunteer workdays; hosted 19 outreach events; removed Brazilian peppertree from over 240 acres; and improved management on over 9,370 acres of public and managed lands.

UTMSI and Mission-Aransas Reserve are honored that Kristin Evans and the Texas Gulf CWMA are recognized for their contributions to the local community and environment. This year, the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation’s Conservation & Stewardship Environmental Awards will be virtual and held on Thursday, November 19, 2020 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. The event features awards, videos, silent auction and raffle. For more ticket information and further details on the winners visit website www.baysfoundation.org/eab


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