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Celebrating our Hispanic Scientists

Celebrating our Hispanic Scientists

This Hispanic Heritage month, September 15th-October 15th, we recognize some of our Hispanic scientists and celebrate their work and contributions to marine scientist. 

2021 Val DeAnda copy

Dr. Valerie De Anda is a Research Associate and is using computational biology to understand the microbial ecology of the deep sea and other extreme environments. Her work has been published in the most prestigious scientific journals and is changing what we know about the tree of life. Example news story on her research.

2021 Tracy Villareal

Dr. Tracy Villareal is a Professor of ecology. Dr. Villareal’s research focuses on how the physics and chemistry of the ocean control phytoplankton species distributions. This in turn, regulates important processes such as nitrogen-fixation. He was one of the first to discover that small overlooked phytoplankton that fix nitrogen, make major contributions to the oceanic nitrogen budget. Learn more

2021 MirnaVazquezRosasLanda 

Dr. Mirna Vázquez Rosas Landa is a Postdoctoral Fellow and studies uncultured microbes that live in the hydrothermal vents and other habitats like sediments laden with oil. She works to decipher their metabolic capabilities through metagenomics. Learn more

2021 Ben Negrete

Benjamin Negrete, Jr. is a Ph.D. candidate and studies the physiological, behavioral, and genomic responses of coastal fish to environmental stresses. His work focuses on how coastal fish respond and tolerate low oxygen levels. Learn more

2021 Madrid Miranda

Miranda Madrid is a recent Master’s of Science graduate. Miranda studies large-scale monitoring programs, as well as how and why black mangroves are changing in the local marshes. She was recently awarded one of eight Science Policy Fellowships by the Gulf Research Program (GRP) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and will be working with the NOAA RESTORE Science Program.  Watch this video to learn more.

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