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Taking Science to the Community

Taking Science to the Community

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute hosted “Science Night” in coordination with the Port Aransas Independent School District this past February. Science Night was an opportunity for elementary and middle school students and their families to learn about the unique studies conducted at the Marine Science Institute. 20170223 PortAransasScienceNight 2Graduate student, Alexis Khursigara, and researcher, Lizz Allmon, were some of the scientists that brought their science to the community during the Port Aransas Science Night. In this activity, participants were able to test how water temperature can affect how fish breathe. The fish on the left was in warmed water (about 83 F/ 28 C) and the fish on the right was at room temperature water (72 F/ 22 C).Scientists from the Institute provided thirteen hands-on displays and activities showcasing the plants, animals, and communities that are the focus of their research. Local students and their families got the opportunity to dive into the details and learn more about experiments that are conducted both locally and around the world. They were able to see and operate the tools used to answer ongoing research questions. Activities ranged from microbiology techniques to Arctic science to local fieldwork investigating seagrass ecology and fish spawning.

This event is made possible by the Scientist in Residence Program, which is supported by grants from the Mission-Aransas Reserve, The University of Texas Marine Science Institute, Port Aransas Independent School District, and the Port Aransas Education Foundation. Special thanks to the scientists that participated in this event! 

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