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Captain Stan Receives UT Outstanding Staff Award

Captain Stan Receives UT Outstanding Staff Award

Stan Dignum has been selected to receive The University of Texas at Austin, Outstanding Staff Award for 2018. Each year the President’s office selectsStanDignum 2018 30 recipients for this prestigious award. The award recognizes excellent work performance by all UT staff whose efforts go above and beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of their job, including outstanding dedication, competence, resourcefulness and customer service. The award comes with a $1,500 stipend.

Stan has worked at UTMSI since 1995 as the R/V Katy Boat captain. During his tenure he has safely navigated the bays and shown over several 100,000 students and visitors the wonders of our oceans and how exciting marine science can be. The following are just a few of the excerpts from his nominations:

“He works up to 6 days per week and around 10 hours each day during our busy season and never takes the simple way out. He never asks others to clean the vessel for him, and he never leaves the job for another day. He is the first person to arrive at the vessel in the morning and the last one to leave in the evening because he is dedicated to UTMSI and the R/V Katy program.”

“He remembers the legacy groups and welcomes their students with fun stories from trips in the past. He welcomes new groups with a sense of humor and an aura of competence that makes them feel comfortable and safe to board the R/V Katy. He encourages students to ask questions and be involved in their educational experience. He is a wonderful asset to the educational program and is so much more than a Captain.”

Captain Stan’s commitment and dedication make him a perfect recipient for The University of Texas at Austin, Outstanding Staff Award for 2018. Stan will receive his award at the President’s Staff Awards ceremony on April 19, 2018. Congratulations Stan!

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