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Tenure-Track faculty position available

The following job vacancies are located in Port Aransas

Faculty Positions:

  • No openings at this time

Administrative & Professional Positions: 

  • No openings at this time. 

Classified Positions with Benefits: 

  • Cook (posting number 131204016177) for the on-campus cafeteria; 40 hrs/wk with full benefits.

Temporary/Non-Benefits Eligible Positions:

  • No openings at this time.

Search all job vacancies of The University of Texas at Austin (includes Port Aransas):

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For information about Port Aransas and accommodations, please visit the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce website.


The Marine Science Institute is an organized research unit of the College of Natural Sciences of The University of Texas at Austin. 

For Administrative & Professional (except for Postdoctoral Fellow positions) and Classified positions, you must have a UT EID and password in order to apply online. To create a UT EID, please go to https://idmanager.its.utexas.edu/eid_self_help/. Click on "Get a UT EID".  After you create your UT EID and password, you will NOT be re-directed back to this page.  In order to apply, you will need to re-enter the MSI Employment Opportunities URL, then click on the recruiting number below for the position you wish to apply for.  Then click on "go to my resume application," this will take you to the log in screen where you will enter your new UT EID and password.  Follow the instructions from there to apply.

Lee Fuiman's research highlighted
Spring 2014 Semester by the Sea