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New Texas Gulf Coast Research Center to be Established at UTMSI

New Texas Gulf Coast Research Center to be Established at UTMSI

Through the efforts of Representative Todd Hunter, Texas House of Representatives District 32, and Chairman of State Affairs, the state will fund $10 million over the biennium to create and support the Texas Gulf Coast Research Center at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute (UTMSI) in Port Aransas. “UTMSI is a distinguished hub of marine science, and this new Center will utilize its cutting-edge research and expertise to respond to issues facing the Texas Gulf Coast.  The City of Port Aransas and other nearby communities will be great resources for identifying coastal challenges and providing feedback,” said Chairman Hunter. 

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute has a long history of making groundbreaking discoveries in marine science and will lean on its expertise to develop the Texas Gulf Coast Research Center. In cooperation with local and state partners, this Center will aim to accelerate applied research, enhance its impact, and promote the flourishing Gulf Coast region as a focal point of ingenuity and progress. The new Center will allow science and research to be nimble in responding to unforeseen issues affecting the Texas coast as they arise.

UTMSI has the ideal location to conduct research for the Texas coast with its adjacencies to the Gulf of Mexico and local bay systems. It is a unique resource for the state of Texas and is a real-world test bed and field station that can support broad research programs and areas of inquiry. “We are thrilled by this new opportunity and look forward to creating the Texas Gulf Coast Research Center,” said UTMSI Director Dr. Ed Buskey. “By establishing this center, we will increase our focus on Texas coastal issues.  The Center will facilitate groundbreaking discoveries, forge strategic partnerships, and propel the translation of knowledge into tangible applications that benefit the 357 miles of Texas coastline and near Gulf waters.”

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