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Water, water everywhere

Water, water everywhere

As the school year comes to a close we had the pleasure of hosting all of Brundrett Middle School students from Port Aransas in a Water Awareness Day. The event featured eight stations each with a special learning point about the local watershed, rivers, bays, and coastal oceans.  

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Top: overview. Middle left: Brayden Patterson, 6th grade; Fayth Miller, 8th grade; and Jordan McDonald, 8th grade drop food coloring to simulate pollutants in a watershed model. The model activity was part of a presentation from the Nueces River Authority. Middle right: Texas Master Naturalist, Cindy Frank discusses Mustang Island Wildlife. Bottom left: Students from the yellow pride team learn about stormwater runoff using a watershed model as the student simulated rain with squirt bottles. Bottom right: Students from the orange pride team learn about marine debris from Savannah Martinez, an educator with Mission-Aransas Reserve as they hunt for plastic pellets or nurdles. 

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Annual 8th Grade Brundrett Research Symposium

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