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Listening In

Listening In

20220512 SoundsOfTheEstuaryA “Sounds of the Estuary” workshop was hosted by the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute last week on May 12th. The workshop featured presentations on soundscaping and bioacoustics research with a demonstration of field equipment.

Using sound is a valuable and noninvasive way to understand natural environments. Instruments are being used to record various animals that are difficult to see, hard to collect, and secretive. 

This workshop was attended by Texas resource managers and researchers. The workshop’s goal was to provide participants with new, additional tools for collecting data to help make management decisions regarding natural resources. The workshop featured presentations on research using sounds to characterize the use of local marsh, oyster and bay habitats by birds, insects, fish, and marine invertebrates.

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