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The Core Facilities Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin – Marine Science Institute (UT-MSI) is located in Port Aransas, Texas and was established in 2015.  The Core Facilities Laboratory specializes in natural science applications and environmental research.  

The goals of the Core Facilities Laboratory are to:

  1. Provide cost effective analyses
  2. Strict QA/QC oversight
  3. Increased sample throughput

The Core Facilities Laboratory combines hands-on and theoretical student training to provide students with critical analytical chemistry experience to expand education and career opportunities.

The spectrum of analytical capabilities and high sample throughput of the Core Laboratory will significantly enhance environmental research productivity at the Institute, and offer commensurate analytical services to regional customers.

Please visit our iLab page for service pricing and more information or contact Dr. Ryan Hladyniuk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Instrumentation Service provided  
Agilent 6560 Ion-Mobility Quadruple-Time-of-Flight Liquid Chromatography Provide accurate mass detection and molecular discovery of analytes, including but not limited to, proteins, metabolites, lipids, and carbohydrates. Core lab 7
Thermo Delta V Plus IRMS, Trace GC 1310-Isolink, Conflo IV Separate complex samples of interest (fatty acids, n-alkanes, alcohols and amino acids) and measure carbon- and nitrogen-compound specific stable isotopic compositions. Core lab 1
Thermo Delta V Plus IRMS, Gasbench II, Conflo IV Measure the oxygen- and hydrogen-isotopic composition of water, the carbon isotopic composition of dissolved inorganic carbon and the carbon- and oxygen-isotopic composition of carbonates. Core lab 2
Thermo Delta V Plus IRMS, FLASH EA-Isolink, Conflo IV Measure carbon- and nitrogen-isotopic compositions of marine material such as sea grass, soils/sediments, fish tissue and nutrient filters. Core lab 3
Shimadzu TOC-L and TNM-L Analyzer

Measure total organic carbon and total nitrogen is aqueous samples (seawater, riverwater, groundwater).

Core lab 4
Lachat (HACH) Nutrient Analyzer

Quantify nutrients (ammonium, nitrate/nitrite, silicate, phosphate) in aqueous samples (seawater, riverwater, groundwater).

Core Lab 5
BD FACSAria III Flow Cytometer Cell separation, sorting and counting in a variety of aqueous media. Core lab 6
Other instrumentation includes: confocal microscope, DIC-Analyzer, micro-balances, muffle furnace, pipettes (and More).