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Things to consider before applyING to the UT MARINE SCIENCE GRADUATE PROGRAM:

  • BoatFromWater webEach of our graduate students is fully supported as a graduate research assistant, teaching assistant, or on a fellowship, with a stipend sufficient to cover living expenses and university tuition and fees.
  • Admission to our program is based on academic credentials AND willingness of a faculty member to supervise a prospective student. Many highly qualified applicants are denied admission because specific faculty members are not taking on new students in a given year.
  • We strongly encourage prospective students to make direct contact with individual faculty members whose research matches their own to investigate opportunities in that laboratory.
  • We admit students once per year. The deadline for admission is December 1 and decisions are made before April 1.
  • New students generally begin in September (Fall semester), but in consultation with their supervisor may choose to enroll for the preceding summer semester to take advantage of Marine Science classes taught in Port Aransas and to become familiar with the Institute.
  • Students generally spend the first two semesters in Austin, taking courses to complete their background in related fields of study. Marine science core courses are available at this time.
  • Students spend the majority of their graduate program at the Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas (200 miles south of Austin). UTMSI is a major marine research facility and graduate students will have intensive exposure to research.
  • Subsidized housing is available to graduate students in Port Aransas at extremely attractive rates on a first-come first-served basis. Students must find their own housing in Austin.
  • The Graduate School of the University of Texas at Austin is among the very best in the world.

The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School